azalea says


今晚6点棋社活动,由于不确定能否赶上,并没有回复要去。搬了一夜又一天砖后小睡了一下,神清气爽,临时决定去,结果错过公车,7点才到。到了 HUB 不见人影,一问才知道社长 M 和 A 等了一小时没有人来,刚刚郁郁而归。他们非常抱歉,然而我其实除了不见人影时疑惑了一下以为换了地方以外,并没有任何不快。反思了一下,我瞬间理解了雪夜访戴的故事:


Impromptu Visit

Today after work, I decided to go to the Go Club. We were supposed to meet at 6 pm but after missing a few buses (as usual), I arrived at 7 pm. No one was there. I thought the venue changed and I just could not find it. Later the organizers replied that they waited for an hour and thought no one else would show up and left. Apparently they were much more upset than I was. I did not feel unhappy or upset at all. I recalled a story that dated back 1650 years go: