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关于Japanese English的冷笑话



A foreman was assigned three new workers, two big strong local men, and a little guy from Japan.

Because of their size, the foreman gave the two locals the digging work, and told the Japanese man “You’ll be in charge of supplies.”

After an hour or so, the foreman came back to check on their progress only to find the two locals sitting down doing nothing.

“What happened? Why aren’t you at work?”

The men replied that their tools were broken and that the Japanese man in charge of supplies, had disappeared.

Worried, the foreman ordered the two men outside the mine to help look for the little guy.

Just when they were about to give up the search, the Japanese guy jumps up from behind a rock and yells “Supplies!!”

一个有点变化的中文版本(ms too old)

一个德国人、法国人、及一个日本人要到矿场工作。 老板是美国人,他对德国人说:你体格不错,你负责苦力。 对法国人说:你说你是工程师,你负责采矿的计划。 而对日本人他说:你很瘦小。你负责supplies( 补给) 。 然后隔周,他们开始上工。 几天后德国人及法国人发现日本人不见了,找了很久后他们决定还是先回头工作。” 德国人开始工作的时候,日本人突然跳了出来,大声叫到: “SUPPLIES!!”

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