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Cannot find python intepreter


I wrote a python script and ran it like this:

$ python myscript

Worked perfectly.

Then I wanted to execute the script without explicitly calling python, so following this link:

$ chmod +x
$ which python

Add the following line to myscript:


However, when I do:

$ ./myscript
bash: ./myscript: /usr/bin/python^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory


In this post:

That ^M would do the job of screwing things up. Windows uses a CRLF line ending scheme, so that ^M represents the CR from a windows newline format. Except, on Linux and *NIX systems, it’s just LF. So that CR does not get translated as a newline, and instead as yet another character.

Following this link, I converted myscript from dos/unix to unix in Vim:

:update              Save any changes.
:e ++ff=dos          Edit file again, using dos file format ('fileformats' is ignored).
:setlocal ff=unix    This buffer will use LF-only line endings when written.
:w                   Write buffer using unix (LF-only) line endings.

Problem solved!

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