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Running Git bash and Windows cmd.exe in ConEmu

Want to run Git bash and cmd.exe side by side? You got it.

Git bash and cmd in ConEmu

Download ConEmu, select a startup task:

ConEmu config

{Shells::cmd} is the Windows cmd.exe. {Bash::Git bash} is Git Bash.

Select {Bash::Git bash} for now. You can change it later by: Settings: Startup

Open a new tab for cmd.exe by:

ConEmu open new tab

You can also open it as a split (pane) by:

Pressing Win+W or [+] toolbar button - New console dialog... and setting up New console split options.

ConEnu new console split

Refer to the documentation for more ways to split panes.

Now you can start to enjoy Windows terminal as never before. ^.^

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