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Install Target Finder on Mac

TargetFinder predicts microRNA targets with a plant-specific scheme. To install it on Mac:

  1. Download the current release of TargetFinder, now it is Release 1.6

  2. Extract and read the README and INSTALL files

  3. Download fasta as requested at

    Current version is fasta36.

  4. Extract and read the README file

  5. To install the standard FASTA programs:

cd src
make -f ../make/Makefile.linux_sse2 all

The executable programs will appear in ../bin

  1. Make a copy of the executable fasta36 program in your PATH

    To check your system PATH:

echo $PATH

Copy fasta36 to /usr/bin (for example) and rename it to fasta35 (a quick-and-dirty way to make TargetFinder work. A better way is to change line 88 of to my $fasta = “fasta36”;):

sudo cp ../bin/fasta36 /usr/bin/fasta35
  1. Run TargetFinder: Dir_to_targetfinder/ -s miRNA.fa -d targets.fa
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